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I believe that true well-being comes from balance, stamina & mindful techniques. This is what I aim to achieve both with my clients & my students.
A powerful, flowing relaxation massage, combined with trigger point therapy,acupressure and stretching techniques from Thai Massage and Fascia work.
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Personalized Massage Therapy

The Spanu massage is a form of integrated bodywork where the practitioner is able to draw from a wide toolbox of techniques.
The practitioner will learn how to combine massage styles in a creative way to give the client the best possible treatment.


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Massage Training course
Improve your athletic performance, lose weight, heal painful muscles & relax your body. We show you how to develop a lasting passion & commitment to fitness.
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Personal Training
Join us for a journey to a beautiful location & learn many techniques to improve your health, vitalise your body, heal your mind, become mindful & boost your endurance.
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Summer & Winter Retreats

The Benefits of SpaNu Method

Health & Balance

By letting go of everyday stress & tension you will feel the improvement of your health, get rid of muscle or back pain, even headaches. Better health leads to more stability in your life.

Achieve Mindfulness

I will teach you how to focus your mind on your body by using ancient & reinvented breathing techniques that will help you to be present & to let go of harmful thoughts or anxiety.

Improve Stamina

My technique also focuses on physical exercise that combined with the mindful skills will make you able of physical performance that you never thought was possible before.

About me

"My dream is to help people become happier & healthier by using the advanced techniques I've learnt on my journey."

My name is Andrea Spanu. I am a qualified Thai yoga massage therapist, massage instructor, semi-professional boxer, boxing instructor and personal trainer.


A native Italian from Sardinia, I have studied healing arts and travelled through Asia to deepen my knowledge in meditation, yoga and therapeutic massage.

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