About Spanu Method

Throughout my travels in Europe and Asia I studied meditation, yoga and therapeutic massage. Soon I became passionate about mindfulness & well-being.

I have been practicing several techniques of both Eastern & Western origins that allowed me to create a unique combination of Thai, Ayurvedic, Swedish, and Deep Tissue techniques. My goal while designing my method was to improve physical, mental & spiritual health of both patient & therapist.

Physical & Mental Health

I started studying Thai yoga massage in 2006 and I have been passionate ever since about learning as much about existing techniques & their philosophical background as possible.

I have been lucky enough to travel through Asia & work with great masters of body healing arts.

I've gathered all these experiences to develop my own complex technique & create a truly unique massage experience, tailored to each unique individual.


I also work with several breathing techniques to help achieve a full state relaxation. Breathing helps to focus our mind, turn our attention to our inner self & let go of mental tension.

Patient & Therapist

My experience is that therapy works best when it is not simply the act of body massage but the compound art of mindful techniques that benefits both Giver & Receiver.

To create an individual, physically & spiritually beneficial therapy plan with long-lasting positive effects, we need to build a connection between patient & therapist.

This is why my method focuses not only on the advanced massage techniques but also on the therapist's skills to connect, focus & breath mindfully to achieve more endurance, strength & simply be healthier!