In-Home Personal Training

Either your primarly goal is weight-loss, more strength or endurance, I will also help you develop a lasting passion and commitment to fitness. I personalise the sessions to improve your athletic performance, lose weight, heal painful muscles or simply relax your body.
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in-home personal training

achieve true well-being & raise your energy-level for life

Mindfulness & Control

I will teach you techniques to control your breathing and to relax your mind.

The training is built on a variety of methods and exercises that allow you to overcome your personal limits, help you to increase your mindfulness and long-lasting energy for life.

These exercises are enjoyable and suited to all.

Strength & Stamina

I will assist you to overcome your physical barriers in every training session.

Each session focuses on improving your cardiovascular health, increasing your strength, building up your stamina and helping you to achieve a more toned body.

Tailor-made Program

I also add exercises that include the fundamentals of boxing using skipping ropes and shadow boxing in correlation. We also train using kettle-bells, elastic bands and by simply using your own body weight.

All trainings are tailored to every client’s individual needs and result in a healthier, happier life.