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"Andrea's massaging techniques are exceptional and he has an expert understanding in pressure points. He was able to help with my problems in a professional manner while being friendly and comforting at the same time."


- Mitsuko

"My husband and I have been Andrea's clients for years. He is absolutely amazing and has a true passion for body massages and physical well-being. I started with him when I had severe back pains. I went to a physiotherapy and it helped but Andrea was able to help me maintain a back that was less tight and pain-free. He is professional, punctual and a pleasure to interact with. We would highly recommend him to anyone."


- Veronica

"I have been training with Andrea for the past 2 years and I can’t recommend him more highly: he is able to perfectly tailor the training schedule and sessions to the individual client, and evolves it over time. He also adapts his methods to the lifestyle and work demands of the client, rather than the client having to adapt to him, which ensures that the client remains motivated.

I have also been combining the training sessions with massages, which are exceptional and help relieve the tension from both the workout and everyday life, leaving both body and mind in an optimal state."


- Niru

"Andrea has a very intuitive manner and strong sense of the imbalances and tightness that are present in his patients. His technique is rather robust and he works diligently on stubborn and knotted areas of the body.  He has a genuine and positive energy and clearly cares very deeply about the well-being of his clients. I always feel much better after a session with him."


- Sacha

"Andrea’s knowledge of massage techniques, anatomy and sports physiotherapy is exceptional.

Without question the best sports masseur I have ever met.

My time with him is a critical part of my training programme. Without it my recovery and performance would be significantly less effective."


- Kristian

"There is something special about seeing a sports masseur who is also a personal trainer, he really understands what you’re doing and that makes the recovery, rehab and injury prevention aspect of his work exceptional."


- Elliott

"Most personal trainers don’t understand massage and most masseurs don’t understand training. With Andrea you get both and the result is without question the best sports masseur I have ever met. Time with Andrea is an essential part of my training programme. I really feel it when I’ve missed an appointment with him."


- Gleen

"Andrea has been my personal trainer and masseur for over five years. He is passionate about his work and his clients. It is evident that he tirelessly educates and trains himself with new techniques, skills and methods.

As a personal trainer, he he is intuitive and understanding in his clients' physical being and state of mind. He motivates and pushes me but not over my limit.

No training session is ever the same, and each variation keeps both the mind and the body engaged and interested. Even when a particular session becomes challenging, we always manage to have fun at the same time

As a masseur, his skills and method are also constantly evolving. He is excellent in “listening” to my body and plan his “attacks” accordingly. Instead of explaining and instructing what is needed, he simply lets me relax and enjoy this down time as I know I am in good hands..

At the end of each session I feel revitalised.

Needles to say, I rate Andrea highly both as Masseur and Personal Trainer. We would not have continued with him for so many years otherwise. And better yet, we have become good friends along the way." 


- Raymond